Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

Looking for gifts for a loved one who loves to cycle? Here’s a list of 12 of TWCP’s favorite cycling goodies that make great gifts. Our list includes gifts of all sizes and prices and features many of the wonderful companies who sponsor TWCP. Happy holidays!

Holiday gifts for cyclists

  1. Beer from Jackalope Brewing Company. As cyclists, we need to recover after hard rides, and what better way than with a cold can of carbs! Jackalope has supported Tennessee Women’s Cycling Project for years. Show them some appreciation and grab your two-wheeling loved one a six pack of refreshing brews or take a trip to one of their fun taproom spaces. 
  2. Gloves. We often ride multiple times per week, so it helps to have multiple pairs of essential riding gear, like gloves (unless you want to do laundry all the time!). Different kinds of gloves also come in handy. Get waterproof/windproof or lined gloves for cold, wet rides or a sleek, grippy pair for fast road rides. MOAB Bikes sponsors TWCP and has a great selection in store, or have them place an order with one of the brands they carry
  3. Hoo-Ha Ride Glide. If you’re not a cyclist, this product might seem scary to you, but for those of us who spend miles and miles in the saddle, it’s essential! Reflect Sports is a much-appreciated product sponsor for TWCP.
  4. Indoor trainer. A trainer helps us all stay in shape when the weather outside is frightful. When used with software (see #11), trainers provide fun virtual rides and make it easy to track stats and stay on top of exercise goals. MOAB Bikes can order one from many popular brands
  5. Jewelry from Kendra Scott. Just because we wear spandex a lot, doesn’t mean we don’t like a little glitz and glam! Kendra Scott has sponsored TWCP for years, so consider getting your special cyclist a personalized charm, simple studs she can wear under a helmet, or something with a jewel in her cycling team colors (that’d be hot pink for us!). 
  6. Bike tools or a bike tune-up. Small multi-tools are especially helpful for mid-ride adjustments–or mishaps. If your loved one works on their bike a lot at home, consider getting them a repair stand. Or, if they can’t find the time, do them a favor and bring the bike to a local bike shop, like MOAB Bikes, for a tune-up.  
  7. Water bottles. Staying hydrated is key to feeling good during and after a ride! We’re fans of having bottles that match our bikes and kits. Also be sure to look for bottles with easy-to-use openings and that will fit on the bike.
  8. Hi-vis vest or jacket. Layers are critical to cycling comfort and those stunning neon colors help make us more visible to others on the road. Check out some of the options by Pactimo, the folks who make our TWCP team kits. 
  9. Cycling socks. As with gloves and water bottles, we believe you can never have too many pairs of cycling socks! They came in all kinds of colors and prints, so start looking for the perfect pair now. On our team, we have everything from polka dots to camouflage to hamburgers!
  10. Frame bags. If your loved one is a fan of long adventure rides or bikepacking, the right bags come in handy. Small bags are perfect for holding essentials (and snacks!) on any ride. If you’re looking at larger bags, be sure to measure the bike frame and check out how they attach to be sure they will work. Check out what our local bike shop sponsor, MOAB Bikes, has in stock or have them place an order with one of the brands they carry
  11. A Zwift membership. Many of us use Zwift to provide fun and challenging virtual ride experiences. You can even ride “together” for a group ride feel. 
  12. Last, but not least: a new bike! Make sure to talk to your loved one about what they’re looking for in a new bike and get their measurements. Pop by your local bike shop (we recommend MOAB Bikes) and talk to the salespeople to get hooked up with the right bike. Great news: ‘Tis the season for great deals

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