Skratch Keeps Me Rolling

Do you feel like you fade near the end of rides? Do you have salt stains on your clothes and helmet after riding in the heat? Have you had belly problems after consuming sugary sports drinks? If you have any of these issues, Skratch Labs can help you ride farther and faster. Read how it has helped one of the founding members of TWCP, Marsha Williams, continue to race her bike, despite having a form of dysautonomia.

Skratch Keeps Me Rolling

— Marsha Williams

I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome; POTS, for short. Without products from Skratch Labs, I probably wouldn’t be able to race my bikes, or even do tough rides, especially in the summer. 

I think I’ve had POTS since I was a teenager, but after an alleged tick bite four years ago, it got much worse. A couple years later, it got way worse, and it took a long time to get a diagnosis.

POTS causes my heart rate to do some weird stuff, I can get pretty dizzy, and I get overheated easily. I always thought my incredibly low blood pressure meant that I was extra healthy. That’s not really true! 

Treatment for POTS includes eating mass quantities of salt, drinking lots of water, and exercising. I guess the absurd amount of salt I’ve always eaten has been good for me!

After the tick bite, I struggled with training and racing for a couple years, which was super frustrating. During the summer of 2018, the struggle was bumped up a few notches, and I DNF’d some races due to dizziness. After the Rockabilly crit, in super-hot Jackson, I got so dizzy I couldn’t do anything except sit on a curb. My heart rate was elevated for more than an hour. I was miserable. If I wanted to keep racing, I needed to find a solution!  

Enter Skratch Hyper Hydration. 

Hyper Hydration has a whopping 1720 mg of sodium citrate per serving. It’s made with real-food ingredients and tastes great. For most people, Hyper Hydration is not for everyday use. It’s really for something along the lines of Ironman training in the summer heat. But for me, it’s perfect. 

I started drinking one serving of Hyper Hydration about an hour before warming up for a crit race. Then one serving during warm-up. Sometimes, if it was really hot, I’d end up with three servings, just for a 30 minute crit! For a 2-2.5 hour road race, I would have at least four servings! It turned out that Hyper Hydration was like a little miracle powder for me. Once I started drinking one every. single. morning, I started feeling pretty darn good on the bike. I’ve even been able to get my blood pressure up to normal! 

Due to COVID-19, sadly, most of the team hasn’t done any racing this year. Nearly the entire Tennessee schedule has been canceled. But we are still training and riding. And I’m still using Skratch Hyper Hydration to get me through short, intense rides or long weekend rides in the heat. 

Hyper Hydration is not for everyone. If you aren’t doing seven-hour rides in the heat, it’s probably not for you! But I bet Sport Hydration can help you ride longer and faster.

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