Holiday Gifts for Cyclists

Looking for gifts for a loved one who loves to cycle? Here’s a list of 12 of TWCP’s favorite cycling goodies that make great gifts. Our list includes gifts of all sizes and prices and features many of the wonderful companies who sponsor TWCP. Happy holidays! Beer from Jackalope Brewing Company. As cyclists, we need... Continue Reading →

A Triathlete’s Perspective on Bike Racing

By TWCP race team member, Sarah Portella Scary. Technical. Hard. These are the three descriptors I would use to describe road racing. As an outsider (read: triathlete) looking in on the cycling world, racing bikes seemed a bit dangerous. My running background led me straight past road cycling and full on into triathlon, where hours... Continue Reading →

Learning the Power Meter Language

Story by Sarah Portella, TWCP team member and coach at Bolton Endurance Sports Training You look at your workout for the day and stare blankly at it. Described below it says something about your percent of FTP and then something about NP and TSS. What?! Whether you have been training with power for a while,... Continue Reading →


We all know what it means to be a citizen of a town or a member of a club – you live in a certain area or pay dues or go to meetings. But what does it mean to be part of a community? Is it a group of homes in the same area? Or... Continue Reading →

Sponsor Spotlight: Huma Gel

In 2012, I trained for and completed my first marathon, though my time was not as fast as I had hoped. A combination of heat and gastrointestinal issues slowed my pace for the last several miles. At the time, I was relying on standard gels and sports drink to help fuel my athletic endeavors, but... Continue Reading →

Rule #1: It’s Gotta Be Fun!

This is how it all started…  Back in October, I was talking to my good friend, Susan, about how out of shape I had gotten from sitting on the couch binge watching The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.  I mentioned to her that I needed to pick an event that would make me train. ... Continue Reading →

C’mon. Try It. You’ll Like It.

Have you ever been scared to try something new? Worried that you’re just not good enough? Maybe you think you’ll look stupid or that you’ll do it wrong? Or that you’re far too old for whatever nonsense you are considering? Have you ever been scared to toe the line at a race–scared you’ll look like... Continue Reading →

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