Skratch Keeps Me Rolling

Do you feel like you fade near the end of rides? Do you have salt stains on your clothes and helmet after riding in the heat? Have you had belly problems after consuming sugary sports drinks? If you have any of these issues, Skratch Labs can help you ride farther and faster. Read how it... Continue Reading →

A Triathlete’s Perspective on Bike Racing

By TWCP race team member, Sarah Portella Scary. Technical. Hard. These are the three descriptors I would use to describe road racing. As an outsider (read: triathlete) looking in on the cycling world, racing bikes seemed a bit dangerous. My running background led me straight past road cycling and full on into triathlon, where hours... Continue Reading →

Remember that time …

Do you remember that time you tested yourself? When you pulled out more than you thought you had? That time when your effort, as difficult as it was, raised you to another level in your own eyes and the eyes of others? And, it wasn’t necessarily about racing but, rather, determining if your training, all that... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Forever

Many of you may know our Jessie Richardson Schwer as a loving mom and wife and a tough, strong cyclist. She’s into a lot of other things as well like yoga and writing and hiking. She has a blog that she contributes to regularly aptly called “Life on the Big Chain Ring”. As many of you... Continue Reading →

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