Tennessee Women’s Cycling Project is excited to announce the inaugural Empower Her Women’s Masters Race Series. The goal of Empower Her is to grow women’s cycling by providing an opportunity for masters-aged women to race among their peers.

The series, which is made possible through Empower Electric’s title sponsorship, will include five existing criterium races in Tennessee. Women will earn primes, spots on individual race podiums, and points toward the series.

Masters-aged women are a growing segment of the racing population. The number of licensed women racing bicycles in TN increased 32% between 2014 and 2017. For masters-aged women the increase was 51%.

The Empower Her series will promote women’s masters racing in Tennessee, but has no exclusive affiliation with a promoter, event, or racing series. We plan to grow the series to more events in future years.


Empower Her (7)

More information about individual races can be found at TBRA.org


This series would not be possible without sponsorship from Empower Electric! Visit Empower Electric today!