MYX II Review: Is The Beachbody Spin Bike Legit?

MYX II beachbody bike review - featured image
TN Women's Cycling Project reviews the MYX II bike and Beachbody BODi app to see if it's LEGIT!

Here we go, the hotly anticipated MYX II (Beachbody) Spin Bike that everyone has been waiting for since MYX Fitness and Beachbody merged, went public and now call themselves BODY, respectfully listed on the NYSE.

Yes, if you think BODY will be as big as Peloton, you should strongly consider buying their stock.

I mean, will BODY come out with more smart gym equipment like peloton has?

Only time will tell…

But, that’s for another article because in this review, I’m going to cover what you need to know about the new MYX II bike, powered by Beachbody.

So, before you pull the trigger and buy it, read this first, and, be sure to come back here and check current coupons because MYX often hooks me up with them to provide for TN Women’s Cycling Project readers!

If you use the link below, I always make sure it’s the lowest price you can get:

What Is The MYX II Beachbody Bike?

The MYX II bike is a spin bike that MYX Fitness and Beachbody created. Actually, the bike itself is identical to the MYX and MYX Plus bike, which was the first line of spin bikes developed by MYX fitness before merging with Beachbody.

The MAJOR differences between MYX vs MYX II

Let’s take a look at this table below to see the main differences between MYX’s first bike and the new MYX II:

21 1/2″ Swivel Screen💜💜
Heart Rate Zone Training 💜 💜
MYX App 💜 💜
Updated Sensor: Cadence, Speed, Resistance 💜
BODi App 💜

To sum up the table above, the 2 major differences are the Updated Sensors and the BODi app.

The updated sensors give you your cadence, speed and resistance.

The BODi app gives you access to Beachbody On Demand interactive workout app.

What’s really exciting?

You’ll be able to do live classes, see your friends with a built in web cam and really get the live, interactive experience during a spin class.

Does Peloton do that?

NOPE. I’m sure they will now, but tough to say Peloton is the best spin bike and concept of all time now that Beachbody and MYX created the MYX II.

MYX II BODi live workouts
MYX II swivel screen + live workout using BODi = amazingness.

For more information on Peloton compared to MYX, read my Peloton vs MYX Bike article.

How Much Does the MYX II Spin Bike Cost?

The MYX II price tag is $1599 and the MYX II Plus is marked at $1799. The BODi membership is not available yet. This pricing structure is identical to the first line of bikes they came out with (MYX and MYX Plus), along with the MYX membership that costs $29/month.

Get $150 off the MYX II here

Is It Worth The Money?

After using my MYX bike since it came out and now having the MYX II system, I can say with full conviction that the MYX II bike is 100% worth the price tag. You’re getting a super high quality spin bike with world-leading Beachbody coaches (basically celebrities) that are literally the best at what they do – all at a much (MUCH) lower price point than Peloton.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why people are still buying Peloton. They are getting stale, not changing much… and they’re starting to copy what MYX is doing.

On the other hand, I do really like my Peloton bike and the app, and they used to be way better than everyone else… but not anymore.

Are There Any Customer Reviews Backing Up the MYX II?

Since it just came out, there aren’t many customer reviews of MYX II out there just yet, but I can only imagine how much positivity will be coming out of it. There are thousands of raving reviews on the first line of bikes and I do not see that slowing down when reviewing the MYX II Beachbody bike.

Speaking of Beachbody, there are over 270k user reviews with a 4.9/5 star average rating! This brand is a monster with loyal customers because they produce nothing but the best.

Is The MYX II Beachbody Bike Legit?

The MYX II Beachbody bike is legit if you’re looking for a high quality spin bike linked to one of the best digital workout apps (BODi). With the options of on and off-bike workouts, plus an endless library of on-demand classes to choose from, you’ll agree that MYX II is the real deal. Furthermore, with their new live riding feature where you’ll be able to take a spin class with your friends and the spin class instructor, the MYX II Beachbody spin bike is shaping up to be a real banger!

legit bike by MYX II and beachbody
It’s legit if you want a great indoor cycling experience plus a complete home wellness system.

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