Stryde Bike vs Peloton vs Proform: What’s The Better Spin Bike?

comparing stryde vs. peloton vs. proform article

There have been many valuable lessons during the COVID pandemic and shut downs across the globe.

People all over the world were shuttered at home and forced to stay there for months on end. Many problems arose from this, and people had to get creative to maintain their fitness regimens. However because of this, parts of the fitness industry saw major increases in sales and productivity. At home workout apps, free weights like dumb bells and kettle bells, and exercise bikes and other cardio machines all saw a major jump in demand. Extra time away from work, and also being at home much more than usual created this need.

Stationary bikes proved to be a very valuable piece of equipment whenever gyms and work out facilities were forced to close for months on end. Cardio vascular health is very important to a person’s well being, which is why the stationary bike industry exploded. People had more time on their hands and those who were already avid with exercising were desperately looking for ways to stay fit.

This article is going to look at 3 particular types of exercise bikes, and provide a short run down for you about each. As a consumer you deserve to know what the right choice is for you. Stryde vs Peloton vs Proform are the three different spin bikes this article will focus on. Ultimately the goal of this article is to help you answer the question. What is the best spin bike for me?

stryde, peloton and proform comparison table (vs)StrydePelotonProform
Studio Cycling Classes✔️✔️✔️
Variety of instructional styles✔️
Magnetic Resistance System✔️✔️✔️
Cycling Shoes Optional✔️✔️
Access to other apps✔️
Bike Price$1,645$1,895$1,499
Membership Price$29 per month$39 per month$39 per month
Optional Membership✔️

Is the Stryde Bike worth it?

Stryde set out to produce a top quality fitness bike and they have done just that. The specifications on the bike itself compare to any other competitor, but the advantage that Stryde has is that their pricing is lower and more affordable than competitors. The other kicker is the optional monthly fee of 29 dollars for a subscription to classes and workouts that Stryde offers. Other companies charge more for monthly memberships and also require memberships to own their spin bikes.

So, are you asking if the Stryde spin bike is worth it? The answer is an overwhelming yes, you will be getting a top notch spin bike with all the amenities of competitors for a much lower price, plus you can use Peloton’s app with Stryde. The weight of the Stryde spin bike is actually less than that of its competitor the Peloton by 5 pounds as well. Moving the Stryde around from room to room is easy for anyone.

How much does the Stryde bike cost?

The bike is priced at 1,645 dollars which is over 200 dollars cheaper than other spin bikes you have heard of. Not only does this price beat all other competitors, but you can go and look on their website and their commitment to pleasing customers. Stryde has a breakdown of the pricing of their spin bikes. Only 445 dollars of the bike itself is for profit, the other 1200 dollars is for parts, labor, shipping, and handling. Compare that with other companies in the Spin bike industry, and you will see very quickly that Stryde is all about consumers getting great value out their products.

Financing is also available with qualifying credit. Buyers who qualify can pay about 50 dollars a month for a 36 month term and own this fantastic spin bike. Also the as previously stated, the membership fee is optional for those who want it. This is also another huge money saver. Other companies require it, and charge more each month. Add that up over a years time and the savings really begin to add up.

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Is the Peloton Bike worth it?

People are very familiar with the Peloton spin bike. Commercials are all over cable television promoting Peloton as the best stationary bikes in the market. The company has quickly surpassed other big names like Nordic Trac and Echelon to become the industry leader in stationary spin bikes. They offer two different spin bikes. The first bike, The Peloton, offers a 22 inch screen with adjustable screen for any bike rider, and an adjustable resistance knob for more challenging stretches during a ride. The Peloton Plus offers a few upgrades. The screen is 24 inches big and can rotate 360 degrees, so that riders can continue workouts off of their bikes. The resistance knob on the plus automatically follows the classes commands, so the rider never has to worry about adjusting it. There are many other specifications that Peloton spin bikes have that them worth the investment as well.

How much does the Peloton Bike cost?

The original Peloton spin Bike starts at 1,895 dollars plus a membership fee of 39 dollars a month for all of the classes, workouts, and other real time health updates. The Peloton spin bike Plus starts at 2,495 and also requires a 39 dollar a month membership fee. Financing is available on both bikes as well. Purchasing the Peloton spin bike could cost about 49 dollars a month with approved credit. On the other hand, the Plus would cost around 64 dollars a month. Both of these finance charges would be in addition to the monthly membership fee. It may seem a little bit pricy to pay 100 dollars a month or clost to it for a spin bike.

Realistically speaking though, you get what you pay for, and over a short period of time the Peloton would pay for itself. People who take spin classes and pay between 30 and 40 dollars per class could purchase a Peloton in less than a years time and begin saving money on exercising. Consumers need to look at bigger picture and not focus on the up front investment, and they will quickly see the Peloton is worth the money.

Is the Proform Indoor Cycling Bike worth it?

The Proform spin bike is rapidly growing into one of the top products in the industry. The very affordable price, and the competitive specifications are making it a very attractable and affordable option for buyers. It comes with a 10 inch screen that connects to live interactive training. The trainers of the class can control the resistance of your bike at home during training sessions. The IFIT memberships come in three year bundles so that the entire family can enjoy it. The Proform is also designed with adjustable handle bars and foot pedals to be just the right fit for any rider. It comes with a 10 year warranty for the frame, a 2 year warranty for parts, and 1 year warranty on labor.

Overall, the Proform spin bike is a very valuable investment for anyone wanting to enjoy cardio form their own homes. It only weighs in at 140 pounds as well, and it is very easy to move from room to room.

How much does the Proform Bike cost?

Other than the great things you have already read about the Proform, the price may be the most appealing one of them all. The Proform spin bike is the cheapest bike that has been discussed in this article. It starts out at a price of 1,403 dollars. It comes standard equipped with a bottle holder, a rotational screen, and a 3 year family membership included. Financing is also available with approved credit. Payments of 39 dollars can be made for a 36 month period to own the Proform spin bike. This is a very good value for the price. It is a very similar product to both the Stryde and Peloton bikes, but comes at a cheaper price tag. For first time spin bike riders this is a great option.

Is the Stryde as good as the Peloton Bike?

After looking at all three options of bikes, it is clear that at the top of the class, the Stryde and Peloton spin bikes sit. The question becomes whether or not Stryde does actually measure up to the Peloton. The Peloton brand carries a lot of power, and that mixed with a great product makes it hard to beat in the spin bike industry. However after looking at specifications of each bike, warranties both companies offer, price of units, and training opportunities. The Stryde spin bike will give buyers more bang for their buck.

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Why Stryde?

The specs as companies like to call them are almost identical as far as what each spin bike is built with and comes with. The only difference would be the rotating screen the Peloton Plus offers, but that bike also starts 800 dollars higher than the Stryde bike. The Stryde bike also has a higher weight tolerance of up to 350 pounds than the Peloton’s 305 pounds, which indicates the frame is built stronger. When you put the two bikes side by side and compare what your getting out of the specs, the Stryde bike wins outs. As far as warranties go, Stryde wins solidly in the department as well because the covered periods are about the same but the initial cost of each bike gives Stryde the advantage.

The most pronounced difference between the two companies is the interactive platforms the companies offer with their bikes. Peloton has its own unique app and workouts which are required to be used on a Peloton bike.

The thing that makes Stryde more attractive is number one customers do not have to subscribe to the Stryde fitness membership – it is optional. In addition, the Stryde also allows riders to utilize any workout platform or video of their choosing, they could even subscribe to Peloton and use their workouts if they so desired. Seeing that both Stryde and Peloton are very similar when it comes to how they are built, warrantied and what they offer, price is the determining factor. Every one wants that name brand, but when another product give you almost an identical product for a cheaper price and more flexible user options, the choice is easier, and that is why Stryde wins out over Peloton.

Is Proform as good of an option as Stryde or Peloton?

After seeing spec comparisons, you can see that the Proform does not offer the same options as its two competitors. A smaller screen, no control of resistance from the rider, only the ones leading the training sessions. Other specs that both Stryde and Peloton offer are not available in the Proform spin bike. However what Proform does offer is a better warranty and also a great first time buyer option for those who are wanting to get into the spin bike world and not break the bank in doing so. Proform offers the lowest price of the three companies, with the best financing rates as well. It is definitely one to consider if you have been on the fence about whether or not to buy a spin bike.


So, Which Is The Better Indoor Cycling Bike For You? Stryde vs Peloton vs Proform? After doing plenty of research and comparing the spin bikes all together, it would be hard to be unsatisfied with any of these three bikes. The Proform is going to be your cheapest choice with fewer gadgets to choose from than the other two. It seems like a great choice to start off with for beginning riders. The Stryde and Peloton are just about the same bike with just a couple of differences in user options and pricing.

Purchasing a Peloton means your also purchasing the brand, which is why it costs more than the Stryde. Buying a Peloton also limits you to only their workout material and requires you to be a member of their platform. Ultimately after looking closely at these three options, the Stryde spin bike is going to give riders the best experience overall. It is closer to the Proform in price, but it also offers everything that the Peloton offers with exception to a rotating screen. Optional membership of the Stryde online training platforms with the ability to use any workout platform of your choice is the deciding factor. The Stryde spin bike will quickly become a family favorite that everyone can enjoy. Here is to happy biking and healthy living.

👉 Get Stryde Bike: best for future investment (more digital workout options + compatible with peloton app)

👉 Get Peloton Bike: best for die-hard peloton lovers + budget doesn’t matter

👉 Get Proform Bike: better for those who prefer iFit programming over Peloton (I would be very cautious of their customer support, so know what you’re getting into before you buy it). I personally cannot recommend this brand or bike, but I do support you in any decision you make!

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